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Top Students Often Choose to Attend Community Colleges

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There was a time, back around the turn of the century, the 21st Century, when high school seniors felt that going to a 2 year community college was a second class option only for those who were not good enough to be admitted to a 4 year university. That trend is in the process of changing dramatically. More and more students are opting for 2 years at a community college and then transferring to a university to complete a 4 year degree or beyond. The universities love transfer students. Transfer students have 2 years of extra maturity and have an excellent track record of success at the university level. Thoughtful students have several reasons for choosing this path. One is that tuition at community colleges tends to be less expensive and so the overall cost of the 4 year university degree is reduced significantly. Another reason is that admission to the 4 year university of one’s choice is often easier for a transfer student than for an entering freshman. Still another important factor is that the 2 years at a community college gives a student the time and resources to focus on a career track that may not be apparent to the graduating high school senior. Time to pick a university major is precious time indeed.
Many community colleges offer honors programs and specialized degree programs that mesh seamlessly with corresponding university programs. So, thoughtful high school student, do not automatically dismiss starting out at the community college level even if you have been a top performer. You may decide to enter a university as a freshman, but at least you will have considered all of your options. If you would like to learn more about various colleges and college admissions in general ,visit the Florida Virtual School Student Advising Hub. Go to FLVS.net and under the quick link on the right, click Student Advisement. Join us as Florida Virtual uncovers evidence that there really is life after high school.


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  1. Thanks, a very informative site here, i will definately be back.


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