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Live from the CollegeBoard Southern Regional Forum – #3

I enjoyed an inspirational breakfast this morning and met a recruiter from the University of West Florida who agreed to do a College Hub Webinar for us.  I also met one of the VPs for FAMU who agreed to do a webinar for us, so it was a very productive morning.  One of the morning sessions today was on improving a culture of customer service in education.  There was a distinguished panel from higher education and the K-12 world.  That was really an eye opener.  They do not know much about customer service, and from the comments in the audience the world of education has a long way to go.  It helped me see just how far ahead FLVS is when it comes to Customer Service.  Any FLVS employee could have told the audience much more about customer service than the distinguished panel.  I left the session resolved to submit a proposal on customer service for  the national forum next year.  3 of the elements of customer service are : the culture of the organization, the knowledge and expertise of the service provider, and how the individual customer is treated by the provider. Those are my thoughts, not from the panel.

We had a district administrator talking about a student who applied to 16 colleges.  I wanted to interrupt and say that any student who applies to 16 colleges has comatose Guidance Counselor….but I didn’t.  I did say that I felt it my job to help students find a good and reasonable fit for college and that amounted to limiting the applications to 3 or 4 at most, based on a variety of academic, social, and economic factors.

I am wondering what happens to students who take FLVS AP courses when they get to college.  What kind of a completion rate do they have in college?  I would love for someone to do a 5 year study on some of our AP students.  Maybe someone can get a grant.

I have a small mountain of written information given me at the conference and will be perusing it over the next few days.  I look forward to having more thoughts to share very soon.  Now it is time to get ready to travel home.


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