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Live from the CollegeBoard Southern Regional Forum – post #2

Politics seemed to rule my day.  I attended a session on legislative updates for the southern states.  Nothing new that I did not already know.  I did, however meet some interesting people.   Maggie Zalamea is the new Director of State Government Relations for Florida.  She will be a good contact for us in working togather with CollegeBoard on legsilative issues.   Dr. Carlos Zalaquett is is one of the graduate professors training school counselors at USF.  They would like to have us (FLVS Counselors) work more closely with them in training counselors for the on-line environment.  Sounds like a good idea.  Chile, his home country, has established a national Virtual School and is modeling it in part after FLVS.

On the AP Front, the big news is that in July CollegeBoard will go to on-line score reporting for the AP exams.  Schools will receive more information in March, but from what I was hearing the only way this would help FLVS is if all of our students enter our 6 digit code when they take the exam.  Maybe there is a way to get them to do this.  I’ll have to research this some more when I get home.  Also on AP – CollegeBoard has data showing that even students who score a 1 or 2 on the exam have a better 4 year college completion rate than students who take Dual enrollment courses.    I believe that both AP and Dual Enrollment each have their place.


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