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Where the jobs are in the middle of 2010

Some of the latest reports indicate that heath care fields continue to be the best fields in which to find a job.  Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists continue to lead the way with the most demand.  But be careful.  I have it from a reliable source that in order to be a physical therapst you may have to dissect a cadaver.   Nurses are still in demand also.  Demand for sales jobs are up.  My advice is that you get into sales only if yo are really good at convincing people to see things your way.


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Florida Virtual School Hosts Virtual Career Fair for the Dept. of Education

FLVS recently hosted an all day career fair featuring STEM Careers (careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) .  Professionals in a wide variety of fields volunteered theri time to go on-line and talk to over 4000 students about their careers.  This event was sponsored by the Floirida Dept. of Education.  The success was so outstanding that this is certain to be an annual event.  To listen and view the video recording of the event go to:


and click on Listen to Recording

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Harvard for Free if your Family income is $60,000 a year or less.

Check out this link.

If you can get them accept you then you can probably afford it. Many top tier universities have so much money to give to promising students that they can make it financially possible for anyone to attend….If they want you. Never sell yourself short. Money is not your biggest obstacle to college admission. Grades, tough courses, test scores, extracurricular activities, and special characteristics are the places to put your energy.

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